What We Are All About

What is Cedarweb? We are a team of skilled professionals and developers who hail from Modimolle/Nylstroom, Limpopo province, South Africa. We absolutely love what we do and wouldn’t have it any other way! We came together to help the businesses out by allowing them to mark their presence in the online world. How did we plan to do that? By providing easy and affordable access to the resources that are required to get a website developed and get it up and running! 1 year onwards, and Cedarweb is a buzzing success with its client base spread not only in South Africa but many different parts of the world. With the tremendous expansion that we have witnessed over a period of time, our team and expertise have not only become more refined but we also have a broader range of services to offer. At Cedarweb, we believe in getting the job done, in a perfect manner. Our goal is to enable our clients to reach their goals and targets. We measure our success by the success of our clients, and this is why it is safe to say that when we take on a project, we own it and try to deliver the best of what we have! Keeping our integrity intact, we religiously aim at achieving the objective of enabling the small business. This is why we have priced all our services rather nominally. Our focal point / area of expertise is targeted towards, but not limited to, entrepreneurs, start-up businesses and small to medium businesses. Cedarweb thrives on creativity and solutions that are inspiring; for us, the collaboration and process are always as exciting as the end product is for the clients. So, let’s come together for a creative venture, shall we?

What do we do?

Cedarweb is backed by the services of a massive design team having more than 10 years of experience.

It comprises of videographer, content writer, graphical designer, corporate identity specialist, webdeveloper, video producer and social media marketer. In short, we are quite conveniently, a one-stop shop for everything that is required by a business to run it digitally, be it a website that needs to be designed or the advertising content required for a product or brand. The wide array of services that we offer is provided by the most experienced and skilled individualswho have mastered the art of creating unique, original and interesting content over the years. The vast experience accumulated by our team helps it in getting on the same page with the clients and making their ideas and vision a reality.

Our services are not limited to just website designing and content creation, we can also help you when it comes to developing and writing an app compatible with both mainstream platforms, iOS and Android. Thanks to our tech team, we have had good experiences with the clients who were looking to launch an app for their business. Like our other services, this service is also priced in a way to make it affordable for our customers. Ever since the start of this company, it has been preached and practiced by everyone, from top to bottom, to exercise and promote the customer orientated culture. This could very well be classified as one of the reasons for the appreciation that Cedarweb receives for its services.

Being a business, at Cedarweb, we understand the importance of having solutions that are cost effective. This is why all our services are priced in a way to benefit our clients. Not only this, we go an extra mile to make sure that the services that we offer are exclusively designed for a particular customer alone, so as to facilitate the client’s business in the most resourceful manner.