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Logo Design

For businesses, having a logo is almost as important as having a capital. Why so? A logo is the very thing that helps in promoting the public recognition. While having a logo is important, it is also essential to have one that is perfect in every way, attracts the target audience of the business and makes the business look professional. Having a great logo can translate into better relationships with the prospective customers as it gives a great first impression about company’s culture and values.

Flat design is the latest trend when it comes to logo designing, many companies have switched towards this design as it is easy to put it on the merchandises and produces a clear image while printing. We provide you a number of different designs to choose from and you can select whichever symbolizes your company better.


2D logo design is a slightly detailed job. It might be the best option if the business is looking to advertise mainly through a digital medium as it can produce a great outlook and can help in being cost effective too in terms of designing costs. Our designers will bring your vision for the business to life, in the most amazing fashion.

3D logo design is the most detailed version of logo designing. It is great if the business doesn’t want to hold back on the designing costs and is also willing to project their brand image spectacularly. Make no mistake about it that our team will provide you with the best designs to choose from for your company.

Cedarweb, along with its team of highly trained and experienced logo designers is here to provide the businesses with the premium quality Logo design services. Cedarweb is an acclaimed and one of the biggest logo design firms in South Africa, it is because of this that we have only the most experienced and best designers on our team. We provide services that are exclusively designed and tailored for each individual client.

High Resolution Bitmap Logos | Vector Logos | 3D Logos

We are  a team of creative in-house logo designers that can design an affordable company logo in a vector and bitmap format. Our Logo designers specialize in high resolution bitmap logo designing, vector logo designing and 3D logo designing. Feel Free to contact us, tweak or upgrade your company logo and increase the amount of positive impressions received from the world around you. 

Logo designing merges a corporate identity into a creative symbol/icon that represents your business. Any company is identified through it's logo.  The Logo represents the company, whether it is seen on a billboard, magazine or even on the product or service itself.  Our logo designers aim to design a corporate company logo that will be easily recognized by the public and reflect quality and class no matter where it is displayed.  Your logo design serves as a brand for your product or service and should be associated by the quality of what you have to offer. 

A logo design can consist of a symbol and/or text that feature the colour scheme of your company. Our logo designers knows that a company logo should not contain too much detail and must be simple yet effective and easily recognizable by the public. There are a few factors to take into consideration when designing a company logo.

  • Type of Logo (Vector Logo or 3D Logo)
  • Company Name (What does your company specialize in?)
  • Colour Scheme (Should be aligned with the atmosphere you want your company to create)

Colour Scheme

The colour scheme of your logo design should not contain more than 3 colours. Each colour gives a general feeling or message that will be associated with your product, for example, a lime green gives a funky and young atmosphere where a dark blue gives more of a corporate and mature feeling. The colour scheme of your logo design depends on the application and target group of your product or service. Since black and white are not truly colours, they may be considered as a fourth colour when mixed with your logo. So if you use blue, black and white in the logo design, you have a 3 colour combination that a logo design requires. Note that your logo may have less than 3 colours for your company logo design still to be effective.

Symbol / Icon / Badge / Emblem

The symbol in the logo design is also referred to as the logo icon, badge or emblem and plays the biggest role of the overall logo design. It is considered as the main ingredient of branding your company and its product or/and service. This symbol can be absolutely anything that resembles your company and its name. There is no specific location where the symbol should be positioned in terms of the text. As a logo designing company we keep in mind that the logo design should be simple, and easy for the public to remember.


The text of a logo design mainly serves to display the name of your company. A standard readable font should be given for this text. The font should also be suitable for the application, for example, a clothing store for teenagers that has a logo with a fresh and funky font will be more effective, where a corporate font would have been less practical in drawing the attention of the specific target group.

The sub-text contains the slogan of your company and should be in a different font than the main heading. This text shouldn't catch more glare than the main text, but should be readable and compliment the main text. A bit of humor is acceptable in the sub-text (slogan) to create a friendly atmosphere, but it should also display a level of professionalism.

Logo Tweaking, Formatting and Upgrading

Logo Tweaking and formatting is the process in which an existing logo design is altered and changed into a new design. This can include a colour change, change of layout, and/or the change of text. Some people refer to this process as "upgrading a logo". Logo designs can also be tweaked or upgraded without the logo losing its branding and corporate image. The logo designer will be redraw the logo in the exact same way but saved in another format or file extension. In most cases, a vector design format.  This allows a logo to be more flexible in terms of using it in other software or applications. A good example would be redrawing a bitmap design into a vector designed image to maintain it's quality for printing.  We get clients that request to upgrade their company logo to a completly new logo design, based on their previous logo design. 

Let us do your Branding

 A logo design can be altered at anytime upon your request, but we aim to do it right the first time. Our logo designers can design the logo to be print ready in the following formats: .jpeg, .png, .pdf and in vector formats. Vectorizing a logo design only needs to be done once, and we keep a backup of the vector logo

Thanks to the communication technology of today, we can design a logo based on your requirements through email or telephonic correspondence. Wether our potential clients are abroad or in South Africa and neigboring countries we at cedarweb can defenatily design for you.


We design proffesional letterheads to fit all business document needs, A lot of business dont know this but it is a need in the business market where it gives the business authenticity.

Logo Design
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