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Cedarweb has been operating with a lot of huge names in the region and the work has been praised by many clients. The use of ingenious ideas and strategies by our team helped these businesses in growing massively and now you could benefit from the services provided by Cedarweb too.

We offer; explainer videos, marketing videos with professional videographers, promotional videos and a variety of other types depending on the quote of the customer. In order to satisfy the client to the greatest extent, we also design and produce custom videos for best and most effective response from the potential customers of the client.

Video marketing is a lot different than the normal content marketing, in order to be able to design exactly what is required by our clients, we pay a great deal of attention towards getting on the same page with them before starting the work.

With our video marketing strategies and services, you are guaranteed to reap the best results once the campaign goes online. What’s more? Our best video quality and proficient work by the team of skilled experts give your business the professional look and aura.

It is vital that the marketing campaigns should also be cost effective for the business, this is why Cedarweb charges the most economical rates on all the services.

Cedarweb Animated Videos


Explainer and whiteboard Videos

What U receive From Us

  1. Get 4(four) stunning animated promotional videos for only R 2500 pm
  2. This can be used to promote your business products or services
  3. Takes up to 5 business days to design
  4. 1x Revision per 30second clip allowed

What can it be used for:

  • Introduction to website
  • Describing the services that you offer
  • Promotional Purposes
  • Commercial Use

This becomes apart when the client wants to explain a system or procedure to their clients. Also can be used to promote a product very well

Two revision can be made with this package

We also strongly recommend that the script is not longer than 30 seconds to 60 seconds

This takes on average 5 days to create.

What we need?

  • Script or voice over (we can write a compelling script and voice overs at an additional charge.) Place a request for additional quote for this service
  • website URL (https://www.yoursite.com)
  • company logo (vector)

What we need from our clients?

  • Script of your short video (please note: We can write the script and do a voice over at an additional charge)
  • The images of your product
  • Your Text That you want to display in the ads
  • Or your website url
  • Company Logo


Video Intro’s



This is used to give your company a professional look on you tube. It is 9 Sec long that we can attach in the beginning of each video for you.

Cost R550

What we need?

  • A vector logo (please we prefer PDF Vector) No jpegs
  • Tagline or website url
  • Font used in the logo writing

Takes up to 4 Days to complete