• Must WANT to start your own website consultancy business and be willing to be TRAINED. 
  • Some graphic design experience will be advantageous but not essential. 
  • Full training will be provided as well as continual, long-term technical assistance. 
  • Duties include, but are not limited to: 
    • writing, uploading and editing content; 
    • training the client in the use of the system, 
    • designing webpage layout (or outsourcing it); 
    • offering limited support to customers and/or offering them maintenance agreements where they pay you an additional monthly fee


What do we expect from you in order to start?

·         Sign the Website Consultant Agreement (your trainer will assist you with this) and you will be completely mentored and trained in the utilisation and functions of the system; 

·         A joining fee of R2500 is payable which includes a full personal training session and manual;

·          A monthly fee of R150 (+VAT) is payable to Kwikwap (this fee mostly goes to the person that trained you)

  • START UP COST (Training):R2, 500.00 once-off  (no VAT)
  • MAIN ACTIVITY:    Selling and/or designing of advanced websites. Client support. Training new web consultants
  • ONCE-OFF / INITIAL REVENUE: Earn between R2, 000.00 AND R2, 500.00 for every website developed (excluding extras such as graphics etc) or new consultant trained
  • ONGOING / MONTHLY REVENUE: Between 37.5% and 50% of your own clients’ monthly fees. 67% of the monthly fees of consultants that you trained.
  • MONTHLY COSTS: R150.00 + VAT (Your agency / consultancy membership fee)
  • TRAINING REQUIRED BY CANDIDATE: (to feel perfectly comfortable with software)  Between 4 and 8 Hours
  • ONGOING RESPONSIBILITY: Limited support to own clients and sales agents’ clients
  • SUITABLE FOR PEOPLE:Who want to build a recurring monthly income and earn well in the same breath
  • GOOD TO KNOW:  Until you have proven your design and sales capabilities, you need to find your own clients. Once you have proven yourself you will receive leads from head office.

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